A little bit about us

Polly Pierce is the creative genius behind Vinca Cards. Following a carefree and artistic childhood, Polly emersed herself into a career in healthcare which lasted several decades, ironically it was ill-health that led to her re-assing her lifestyle and embracing her creativity once again.

Her interest in card making is a direct result of her dissatisfaction with the commercial cardmaking industry. Having been tutored in the rudiments of lino and wood cutting, Polly discovered the delights of rubber stamping whilst on vacation in France in 2006. Upon her return to Ireland, Polly quickly realised that the crafting revolution which had taken the rest of the world by storm was barely in its infancy at home.

Since then Polly has launched her own range of hand-crafted cards and wedding stationery under the brand of Vinca Cards. She now offers her clients greeting cards which are unique and stylish. Working closely with her clients Polly is passionate about expressing her clients sentiments on every special occasion and celebration, ensuring that each and every card stands out from the crowd...